Latex foamlatex foam

      Top-quality features: strength and elasticity. This foam is characterized by high durability and flexibility. 

Additionally latex mattress are naturally hypoallergenic. It is recommended for people with allergies.

The latex foam, has an excellent support for the spine during sleep. Due to its flexibility, perfectly adapts to the shape of the body 





 Memory foammemory foam

       Was invented by NASA scientists, and therefore it is a more advanced type of mattress filling.

It guarantees so-called memory of the material, which means that under the influence of temperature

properly adjusts to the shape of the body, and at the moment when the pressure on the mattress disappears

(we get up from the mattress), it returns to its original form.

It is an anti allergic material, in addition its structure and properties have rehabilitative and orthopedic functions.

So if you have problems with the spine, or complain about frequent back pain this type of foam should relief for your pain.

It is therefore the latest generation material that will guarantee your backs rest and relaxation.

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