Appropriate choice hardness of the mattress will decide about the comfort of sleep but also about the vitality of the mattress. What are the features of properly selected hardness? Here are some tips that will help you choose the mattress correctly to ensure a healthy, comfortable sleep.

Mattress selection for body weight



Adequate adjustment of the mattress to the body weight is of fundamental importance. When a person with a higher body weight uses a too-soft mattress, it will collapse and deform. In a situation where a lighter person uses a mattress that is too hard, it will not provide proper support for the spine, it will be too stiff, which may cause back or neck pain. The mattress should be chosen individually for the user's needs. There are the following degrees of hardness:



  • H1 - very soft mattress - suitable for people with body weight below 40 kg,
  • H2 - soft mattress - suitable for people with a body weight of 40 to 60 kg,
  • H3 - medium-hard mattress - suitable for people weighing from 60 to 100 kg,
  • H4 - hard mattress - suitable for people over 100 kg.






However the values given are approximate and also depend on the user's preferences - it may happen that a larger man prefers to sleep on a softer mattress, or a slim woman - on a firm mattress. When in doubt, we recommend choosing a double-sided mattress with two degrees of hardness, eg H3 / H4 and testing on which side you sleep better.

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