Multipocket, Visco Memory Foam, Coconut Mattress - IVREA, Premium Jersey cover

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  • Cover: Premium Jersey, please see our choice
  • Hardnes: H3/H5(dual sided) - medium hard / very hard
  • High: 22 cm
  • Shipping: usually 5-8 working days
  • Warranty: 2 years
Mattresses are made exclusively for you on special order. Any size, any configuration. That's why the waiting time is usually 5-8 working days. Please see all options below:

Mattress cover choice:

Mattress cover choice

Product Description


7strefowe SPrężyny KIeszeniowe7-zones MULTIPOCKET SPRINGS. This means there is much more springs (510pcs / m2) then in standard bonell mattress and more than in the pocket mattress (289pcs /m2). Also springs have a reduced diameter. The springs divide the mattress into 7 zones, each with adequate support for a given part of the body. The springs work independently of each other, so that two people sleeping next to each other do not feel discomfort due to the movings of the other person. The mattress is also great for people with different body weights, because the mattress does not bend towards the other person.



  visco foamVISCO MEMORY FOAM - special foam, which under the influence of temperature adapts to the shape of the body. It gives the spine a natural position and support. Perfect for people with back pain. Prevents pressure sores. The highest quality for the most demanding customers.





Coconut insert

COCONUT INSERT – 100% organic raw material, derived from coconut shells. It has anti-allergic properties, perfectly protects against the development of mites and microorganisms, and at the same time is flexible and elastic. Mattresses with coconut fiber are durable, resistant to moisture and deformation.






WOOL SHEEP - has excellent thermal insulation properties. Absorbs and releases sweat, without blocking air circulation.


POLYURETHANE FOAM - highest quality foam is an additional filling of the mattress. This foam has a high resistance to deformation and creasing. It provides adequate cushioning, has a breathable structure, is flexible and elastic.





feltFELT - a natural spacer that separates the spring layer from the foam layer. Natural felt can significantly extend the life of the mattress, it also strengthens its construction. The advantage of felt is also high flexibility and adherence to a given surface.





 mattress coverMATTRESS COVER - antiallergic, with a zipper, which helps to keep hygiene. It protects against penetration of contaminants into the mattress, protects against penetration of bacteria, fungi, mold and mites. 





EXCLUSIVE SERIESEXCLUSIVE SERIES –  The highest quality series, created for the most demanding customers. Mattress are characterized by the highest quality and the highest standard of performance. Comfort increases the cover made of high quality, hypoallergenic fabric with sewn zipper. Raw materials used for production meet rigorous quality standards, thus ensuring extremely long use of the mattress for many years.



Whats in the box

IVREA -7-zones multi pocket mattress. Opening tool.



Mattress cover
Premium Jersey
Mattress dimensions
Mattress hardness
H3 - medium hard, H5 - very hard
Mattress type
Foam, Multipocket, Coconut Insert
Exclusive Series

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